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5150 Whips Inc.

Industrial Safety Whip - 4ft

Industrial Safety Whip - 4ft

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Discover the innovation of our mining safety whips, setting a new standard in safety lighting solutions. Unlike any other, our safety lights feature a convenient magnetic mount, offering you swift and effortless whip removal when it's not in use.

Illuminate your mining environment with confidence using our 5150 safety whips, proudly equipped with our renowned Hyper lights, recognized as the brightest in the industry.

For added convenience, each mining whip comes complete with two Deutch connectors and a wiring harness designed to seamlessly connect to your vehicle.

Choose from a range of heights, including 3, 4, 6, and 8 feet, tailored to your specific needs. Our 6 and 8-foot whips boast a unique design feature, with no lights from the base up to two feet on the fiberglass rod. This thoughtful design enhances safety by preventing driver discomfort caused by blinding reflections in rear and side-view mirrors.

To further meet your preferences, our safety whips are available in an array of five vibrant colors: White, Amber, Blue, Green, and Red.
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